Pesto & Potato Pizza with Nasturtium Flowers

This pizza was inspired by Cam's Vegan Pesto and Potato Pizza. This version is vegetarian and makes use of the dill and chives, as well as the nasturtiums we have blooming in the yard through the spring. Nasturtium flowers add a striking burst of color, as well as a slight peppery bite to the delicious creaminess of goat cheese, avocado and soft-cooked egg. 

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To start, slice a potato and set water to boil. You can peel the potatoes, if you'd prefer. Add the sliced potatoes to the boiling water or bring the water to a boil with the potatoes already in it (I prefer the latter.) I turn the water down once it starts to boil, then let the potatoes cook maybe 5 minutes until a knife slices through like butter. I remove them with a slotted spoon and like to see a few crumbly pieces when I do since this likely means that all the pieces are cooked through. You'll use maybe half the potato on the pizza, so you can pick out the best pieces. 

Make the pesto while you're waiting for the potato pieces to cook. I usually throw the garlic in first, blend it, then add in the chives (either cut or ripped into smaller pieces) with the dill, lemon juice, pepper and any other greens I might want to use. I blend that, then add olive oil until the consistency seems about right. The Parmesan goes in last. With the Parmesan, salt isn't really required (the cheese is salty enough) but add some if you'd like. 

 I use the back of a spoon to smooth out the pesto on the dough. Then I arrange the cooked potatoes cut either in halves or quarters (your choice). Press them into the pesto a little so the flavors can meld. Over the potatoes and pesto, place pieces of goat cheese. Then slide the pizza into the oven for 2 minutes for a quick pre-cook. 

After two minutes, remove the pizza to add the egg, then slide it back in the oven for another 6 minutes to finish cooking. (Adjust times accordingly if you're cooking at a temperature below 500°F or using a thinner crust.) I added the egg while the pizza was cooking since it was on the barbecue and easy enough to just lift the lid and do that. I'd recommend cracking the egg into a bowl or cup and then pouring it onto the pizza.

Once the pizza is done, remove it from the oven. The white of the egg should be white (not clear) and the yolk should still be soft (as shown in the second photo above).  You can add the slices of avocado immediately after removing the pizza from the oven. You can also cook the avocado on the pizza, if you'd prefer--a subject for another post. Let the pizza cool a few minutes before adding the nasturtium flowers, however, since they will wilt.  

Then cut your pizza, and enjoy!


- Use Anna's Sourdough Recipe or any crust of your choice.

Herb Pesto Ingredients

-1/2 bunch chives

-1/2 cup dill leaves (fine stems only)

-1/4 squeezed lemon

-1+ Tbsp olive oil (add more as needed to form a paste)

-1/4 cup Parmesan cheese (sub cashews for a vegan version)

-coarse ground black pepper to taste

(-optional: throw in a few leaves of basil or even kale, collards, or any other greens you're looking to use up)


-chive-dill pesto (see recipe above)

-part of a whole russet potato (sliced and boiled)

-4 oz. goat cheese (small log)

-1 raw egg (add after cooking 2 min.)

-1/4 sliced avocado (put on after cooked)

-8-16 nasturtium flowers

Other Toppings to Try

- onions

-asparagus pieces


-for a vegan version, try Cam's Vegan Pesto and Potato Pizza.

Special Equipment

-food processor for pesto

-small bowl or cup to crack egg into before putting on pizza

-pizza stone and peel (or other baking system)

-pizza cutter