what makes 304 stainless steel better than 430 or 18/0?

304 grade stainless steel has superior rust and corrosion resistance to 430 and 18/0.

All stainless steel contains some amount of chromium (at least 10%). This is what makes it more stain and rust resistant than regular steel. 304 generally contains more chromium than 430. In the case of 18/0 (for 430) and 18/8 (for 304) designations, both grades include the same 18% chromium. However, the 304 also contains 8% nickel to the 403's 0%. 430 or 18/0 is most commonly used for pizza cutters since without the nickel, the metal is far less expensive. Yet it's the nickel that improves the 304's resistance to corrosion from acids such as those found in tomato sauce, vegetables, dairy, and meat. This extra corrosive resistance is why 304 is most commonly used for sinks, kitchen counter tops, stoves, refrigerators, food processing equipment and flatware. In addition, 430 typically contains 10-22% more iron than 304, which makes it more susceptible to rust and corrosion. 

How Can I Tell the Difference between 304 (or 18/8) and 430 (or 18/0)?

Use the magnet test. 430 is magnetic; 304 is not. 

aren't all pizza cutter blades sharpened?

It would make sense that they would be; however, the rocker design seems to be based off the cleaver. Traditionally, cleavers are not sharpened. It's the force of the swing that results in the chopping action, not a sharp blade. You'll want to use some force when you bring The Robin & Field Pizza Blade down on your pie, but our blade is sharp, so this effort should be minimal.

is the rocking cutter really any better than a rolling cutter?

We think so. The chopping-rocking motion is quite satisfying, and while a few toppings might stick to the side of the blade, you an easily slide them back onto the pizza. The toppings don't bunch to one side of the pizza or go rolling off onto the counter or floor like they do with a wheel. If you're moving from a rolling cutter to a rocker, there is a slight learning curve since it requires a different technique. We found the most efficient way to cut the pizza is to bring the blade down in the center of the pizza, then rock it from one side to the other to complete the cut. You then either turn the pizza or the surface it is on to make the next cut. 

will you have any other products?

Soon, we hope! We have a passion for the craft of pizza-making and plan to expand our brand in that direction. Please sign up with your email below if you'd like to receive weekly or biweekly pizza recipes, as well as promo codes or news about special deals on future products.